I still believe

No, I haven’t turned to God whatsoever, in case you were wondering where that headline comes from.

It’s just the nucleus of that train of thought I’ve had lately. And after composing a Tweet and an FB status with the conclusion, I thought I’d come here and type a little.

It might not even be a long one, as I just want to bring one simple fact across, but for the heck of it, here’s some additional background info.

Much has been written about Bury Tomorrow, aka BAND! or my LORDS AND SAVIORS, on here or any other social media outlets of Yours Truly. They and their kindness render me speechless time and again. So while I was reminiscing about all the shows I’d been to, meeting them, talking to them, and feeling honestly appreciated and welcome, something inside me clicked once again.

The Train of Thoughts started rolling and once it got underway for good, so did that one little thing it all boils down to.

I still believe.

Call me naive, but: despite all the hurt, all the pain, all the shit I experienced in my life, I still believe in the good in people. It may be hidden somewhere under many layers you’d have to chip away, but it’s there. The Good.


I said it.

Yes, the majority of time, I am more than pissed off when it comes to humanity, their egotism, all that. But there are people in my life who restore my faith again. My faith in the good.

I believe.

Even though I’ve been dealt crappy cards in the game, experienced cruel intentions left, right and center, have faced a lot of crap thrown at me, have seen what abuse can do, been broken, and eventually hit Rock Bottom, I still believe that there’s also a good side even to all of those people.

Is this the closure I am so desperately searching for? Time will tell.

But for now, I’ll leave it at that.


photo: mine

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