October Recap

…for the lack of a more inspirational title whatsoever. Because October was full of ups and downs.

It all started with the hockey game my friend and I went to. Some time ago, I had read that, of all the NHL teams, the one my heart beats for was coming to Berlin to play a pre-season friendly vs Eisbären. WHAT!? MY SAN JOSE SHARKS? IN BERLIN?? Pinch me, please!

I knew that I was going to go to that game, no matter how pricey the tix would be. If I have to sell a kidney and sacrifice my firstborn – so be it. To my big surprise, they were less than expected. Plus, eventim kindly offers a payment plan via PayPal, so there ya go! Said friend asked if she could tag along for funsies, which I didn’t mind. So I was in charge of buying the tickets once they went on public sale, and I decided to go for some a bit more expensive ones, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime thing and I of course wanted to be as close to the ice as possible. We ended up sitting Row 2. Not exactly shabby, y’all.

Before the game started, I spied our mascot, SJ Sharkie, waltzing around and jumped at the chance to tick something off my Bucket List:

I couldn’t wipe that grin off my face anymore. Can anyone honestly blame me? Thought so.

View from our seats:

Nice, eh?

I spent the whole evening feeling all sorts of (positive) things because I just couldn’t believe that THIS IS HAPPENING. (And yes, I did buy some merch, whooops, but you know what? YOLO! That’s what.) We had a jolly good time for sure, and my Sharks won 3-1. Fuck yeah.

For more Sharks photos and all: This way, please!

Unfortunately, it was rather chilly in the arena, at least where we were sitting.

When I started to feel rather flu-ish a couple of days later, I really thought it was because of that. Tested myself at home, negative, so no need for the Panic! button. However, things got worse towards the weekend. I woke up on Saturday feeling sore all over. My muscles and joints were aching like nobody’s business, so I dragged my corpse to the pharmacy for some over-the-counter meds and also to the supermarket to have at least a couple of groceries at home. I felt like the utter shite. I was also freezing, despite feeling warm. No fever, though.

Next test then was on Sunday and well, yep, you guessed it – positive.

I managed to escape that motherfucker of a virus for 2.5 years, go to a game and KA-BOOM! I also decided to get the PCR test on Monday, to be on the safe side. Plus, sometimes, those home test-kits come up with a false positive result.

Hoping against hope … another positive result, meaning quarantine for some days. Which wasn’t too overly bad for the first couple of days, as I couldn’t do a lot, anyway, and the best remedy is sleep, anyway. And staying hydrated, obviously. The longer said quarantine went on, the more frustrated I got, as the weather was super-gorgeous, but I couldn’t even go for a bloody walk. Meh. (At this point: my neighbors are the MVPs here as they brought me some groceries to get me through the days until I myself was allowed to go out again.) Good news is – I didn’t lose taste or smell. Yay!

Timing for this mess was also perfect, as Bestie and I were headed to Warnemünde again for a weekend trip. Quarantine ended on the 19th, trip was from October 21 til October 24. A much needed time out for both of us.

Sadly, we didn’t get to see any spectacular sunsets, but one day, there was fog incoming, adding a really eerie feeling to the scenery.

It was a really nice trip, that’s for sure. As I had said in an earlier post – those little time outs are so valuable! Taking your mind off from the current state of the world or whatever is going on in your lives is essential. It’s also a form of self care and therapy. Which cannot be a bad thing in the long run!

So long and until next time!


photos: mine

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