Facts and more facts

I have decided to add a page with some random facts about me. This will be updated whenever I can find something worth adding. Let’s see how many facts I can come up with.

1. I have legally gotten rid of my middle name in 2011. I never liked it, to begin with. Nor did I like that one stupid nickname stemming from it my family gave me.

2. I can spell the alphabet backwards.

3. I cannot roll my tongue in the classic way, but I can flip it sideways and then roll.

4. I used to have an irrational fear to cross bridges on foot. Not just because I am scared of heights, but I had this feeling that the bridge would collapse while I was crossing it. Crossing a bridge by bus, car or train? No problem. But on foot? Uhm.

5. I have always been a bit of a nerd, as I had entirely different interests compared to the other girls in elementary school. I’d rather build LEGO spaceships or climbed trees etc than play with the latest Barbie dolls.

6. There is exactly ONE poem I can recite without hesitation. I learned it by heart many years ago, and you could wake me up in the middle of the night and ask me to recite it – I’d be able to.

7. While I am super-fond of and keen on memorizing the most random, obscure facts, my brain kinda shuts down when I am in an exam. I was able to rattle off anything and everything I had studied the evening before the test took place, but once I sat in the exam – poof! Gone.

8. That being said: I can identify all 197 countries’ flags on sporcle and needed exactly two attempts. Had almost all of them down with the first try, and still had time left on the clock after the second attempt. Same for the respective country’s capital. Try me. What were we saying about being a nerd?

9. During elementary school, I wanted to become either a pilot or an astronaut. Neither was obviously possible with my poor eyesight. However, star gazing and astronomy was my jam back then. I could name all nine planets (because back then, Pluto still was a real planet!) including the amount of their moons. In the correct order.

10. I studied Latin and Old Greek in school. While I have pretty much forgotten everything about it again, I am sure that, if you gave me the grammar books and dictionaries, I’d get the hang of it again. At times, they still do come in handy, though!

11. I am an only child.

12. I am allergic to fish and seafood. There’s some protein in there which my body cannot digest properly.

13. My “claim to fame” is being on TV during a medal ceremony during the FINA World Championships in Barcelona 2013 as well as being immortalized on Ryan Lochte’s instagram.

14. I have a sick fascination with lefthanders. Don’t ask.

15. I am arachnophobic and, depending on the size of the spider, will scream bloody murder.

16. During my teenage years, I was completely OBSESSED with Harley Davidson motorcycles. Therefore, one of our two Border Terriers was named “Harley”. Chosen by Yours Truly.

17. I have an extremely accurate radar for fake people and the likes. Meaning, if I sense something’s off about a person or situation, I am usually dead on with it.

18. I have never liked dolls (esp. Barbies), but was always the one who had a teddy bear around. To this day, I share my flat with a whole zoo of stuffed animals, mostly teddies, and I am entirely unapologetic about it. They’re a source of comfort, too.

19. I prefer winter over summer by at least 10 miles. Mostly, this has to do with heat and my body starting to “shut down” when it’s getting too warm.

20. I have pareidolia, a phenomenon which enables you to see faces in things. It’s huge fun!

21. Even though it may seem kinda old-fashioned these days, I still keep a handwritten journal/diary. Don’t write in there often, but when I do, the entries are several pages long.

22. Aside from the aforementioned stuffed animals, you can also find some artificial sunflowers in my flat. They’re my favorite flowers.

23. Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls of the 1990s are the main reason why I am so (emotionally) invested in American sports. And yes, that fact had to be here because #23 = His Airness’s jersey number.

24. My nickname Kiwi originated on a skijumping message board at the end of 2003. I wrote something along the lines that, if everything worked out, I’d be traveling to “Kiwi Country” in the summer of 2004. Then, one thing led to another, I changed my screenname to “Kiwi” and everything took off from there. My other alter ego “kiwirazzi” is actually a combination of “kiwi” and “paparazzi”.

25. I am straight edge (sXe). Meaning, I refuse to drink alcohol, smoke, or take any kind of drugs. I do eat meat, though.

26. Despite falling out of a tree, or being a bit of a daredevil at times when I was younger, I have never broken a bone. However, I completely destroyed the lateral meniscus in my right knee. I underwent surgery at some point and had parts of said meniscus removed. To this day, that very knee is still being a trouble maker, and no one knows why. I have lovingly called it “Drama Queen”.

27. I also once was severely concussed because I accidentally hit my head against a shelf. The aftermath of it were some complications which led to a trip to the neurological ER and a bunch of medical examinations – including an MRI scan on my head.

28. While I had undergone a plethora of MRI scans before (see: Drama Queen), having to go into that tube head first was a problem – I am claustrophobic. I had to take a tranquillizer which basically knocked me out for the time being.

29. I am also agoraphobic. When both, agora- and claustrophobia, clash, it’s getting really difficult.

30. One of the funniest things that ever happened to me in a medical sense was when I was at the dentist some years ago, waiting for the anesthetics to work, and the song “Because I Got High” came on. I almost rolled off the chair laughing.

31. I am a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community, because in the end, it boils down to one thing: LOVE. Homophobia will thus NOT be tolerated here!

32. While I am usually rather laid back and relaxed, I have an incredibly short fuse when it comes to open stupidity (as in, people not getting something that’s right in front of their very eyes), slow walkers and people who stop dead in their tracks for no apparent reason somewhere. I’ll go from 0 to ROAD. RAGE. in less than a second.

33. Since I am fluent in sarcasm (and irony), I have a hard time to shut up when someone doesn’t get either. Like.

34. I am the most chaotic person EVER. Really. I cannot keep a tidy room for the LIFE of me.

35. But chaos also brings creativity – and as you probably know, I love being creative. Be it writing / blogging, scrapbooking, making calendars with self-taken photos … and I will also be entirely immersed in it and forget the world outside for a bit.

36. Writing has been some kind of therapy since I was a kid. As soon as I could hold a pen, I’d start scribbling down stuff. Stories. Fan fics (albeit most of those unfinished). Free verse poetry. Sadly, for some reason, I haven’t really been able to get back into this. But who knows …

37. I have watched “The Dark Knight” six times in the cinema. My goal is to watch the movie on NYE, so that the Joker blows up the hospital exactly at midnight. Nerdism much?

38. Batman has been my favorite superhero since forever. I also have a bit of a collection of graphic novels stored in a box, as I unfortunately don’t have room for them anymore. But yeah, Batman is KING. And I *WILL* fight you! 😉

39. Ever since I saw “Das Boot” as a very small kid, I have been fascinated with submarines. I could never be on one (see: claustrophobia), but I do find them incredibly fascinating. I’ve watched “The Hunt for ‘Red October'” countless times, and read the book three times. There’s also a book about submarines sitting on my shelf. I never said I was normal … 😉

40. Conspiracy theories. GIVE. ME. Not the tinfoil hat kind thereof – aka Flat Earthers, chemtrails, etc. -, but more in the aspects of who really killed JFK, who knew how much in regards to 9/11 and was it maybe an inside job, what is really going on at Area 51 etc. All that.

41. Likewise, I am super interested in the Knights Templar and Free Masonry. Some years ago, I visited an actual Masonic lodge which was open to the public for a day, and I had an incredible feeling about it. I cannot pinpoint it, but it was a fantastic experience for sure! Also, their symbols, numerology etc. … it’s fascinating!

42. … the answer is ALWAYS 42. (And if you DON’T get that reference, we cannot be friends. Sorry.)

43. I love puns and can come up with those in both languages that I speak. That, and my sick and twisted sense of humor (read: sarcasm) will get me into major trouble one day. But oh well.

44. Although I am still rather young, I have already decided how I want my funeral to be. At least partially, that is.

45. Probably the happiest moment of my life was when I was asked if I wanted to be godmother for a little boy who is my absolute SUNSHINE. I love that little man to bits, y’all, and the feeling is mutual.

46. I have never read a single page of “Harry Potter” or watched the movies, and I don’t really intend to change that.

47. I refuse to read “50 Shades of Crap”, as well as all those erotic novels which have become quite the rage recently. And stay the heck away with “Twilight” – that one SUCKED (pun intended).

48. I have a tendency to quote movies or songs at any given moment. All it takes is a little …push. 😉

49. When I was much younger, I was way too shy to walk up to footie players etc and ask for their autographs. Nowadays, I love doing exactly that – collecting autographs in person and additionally have my pic taken with someone.

50. That being said – I still prefer being behind the camera as opposed to be in front of it, and I totally HATE selfies. There are some exceptions to the rule, obviously, but I also don’t post that many pics of myself on my instagram. It’s not my thing.

51. Tomatoes are THE evil. Mean it. Whenever I order burgers, salads or whatever, I will request to leave out tomatoes. The only acceptable way? Ketchup. Other than that? YUCK!

52. I cannot stand the taste of yolk as long as it is fluid. Hard boiled or scrambled eggs? Yes, please. But sunny side up? Uhm … ask my Mom, she’ll confirm that I have her separate the yolk from the egg white. I know. I am … weird. 😉

53. Years ago, I got drunk on Coca Cola. No joke. I was invited to a birthday party, and the only non-alcoholic drink was Coke. Some hours and I-don’t-know-how-many-cups later, I was staggering home (the party took place within walking distance), feeling dizzy, and somehow drunk. I have no idea how I made it back home safe and sound. I only know that I crashed into bed not much later and had a good night’s sleep. Despite all the caffeine intake.

54. Being the utter tomboy that I am, I absolutely refuse to wear “typically girly” stuff, such as make-up (the ONLY make-up I’d put on would be Brandon Lee’s in “The Crow”), skirts, dresses, or blouses. It’s not my cup of tea. I also basically have always had short hair, and loathe the color pink.

55. I cannot wear shoes that have heels. I had to wear some shoes of that kind (no highheels, though, don’t even go there, kthxbye) at the graduation ceremony from school. The result was that my right knee looked like a fucking balloon afterwards because it had swollen up. First thing I did when the ceremony was over and we left: taking off shoes and socks and walking barefeet. What a relief!

56. I am nightblind. Having to drive when it’s dark is extremely difficult to almost impossible for me.

57. I totally, utterly, completely suck at math. However, I find numerology incredibly fascinating.

58. I have bit of an interest in the paranormal. In a way, some of those phenomenons have also happened to me. For example, while I was having a ball in New Zealand, I also had a disturbing dream that someone back home had died. Coming back from NZ, I found out that my aunt whom I was really close with had lost the battle to cancer. Or, I woke up with Tom Petty’s song “Free Fallin'” stuck in my head. I waltzed into the bathroom, turned on the radio – and guess which song was on? Happened twice, actually. Or, I would think of someone, and legit five minutes later, that person rang my parents’ doorbell and asked if I was home. Coincidence? I’m … not so sure!

59. I once was an absolute film nerd, especially when it came to the first “Matrix” one. I was something like the “Matrix Guru” in the fam, and no joke, but you could’ve woken me up in the middle of the night and I’d been able to tell you all the bits, bobs, tidbits, facts and trivia in regards to religious, literary, philosophical etc. influences throughout the movie.

60. Ever since dedicating myself to the topic my M.A. thesis was about (“Society and Gender Roles in Dystopian Fiction”), I still have a knack for that genre: Dystopias. Cyberpunk (see “Matrix” or “Neuromancer”), as well as all those goodies along the lines of “Handmaid’s Tale”, “Fahrenheit 451” etc. It’s super fascinating, and especially when looking at today’s societies as well as the current Covid-19 situation (“The Stand” anyone?).

61. Years ago, I surprised my family on Christmas Eve by signing the German version of “Memories” from the musical “CATS”, completely dressed up the way I imagined Grizzabella to look. I had trained myself singing it by listening to the song a bazillion times over and over, memorizing the lyrics as well as the notes and all that. To this day, I cannot read music for the life of me.

62. One thing that is extremely high on my Bucket List is traveling to Canada or Alaska and watching bears in the wild. I had seen a little black bear in the wild once, only for a couple of seconds and from very far away, but I would love to really spend some time in a hut / lodge somewhere and be among those fascinating animals (guided, of course).

63. Another thing I would love to do is driving a Porsche Carrera on an actual racetrack. Like, putting the pedal to the metal and going full speed (well, almost, haha) with that motherfucker and enjoying the adrenaline rush.

64. My favorite boys’ name is Benjamin; my favorite girls’ names are Julia and Maya.

65. Although I am totally into Metal(-core) and Rock, my all-time favorite song forever is “The Boys Of Summer” by Don Henley. I don’t even know what it is, but that song “got me” at some point and whenever it comes on on my 80s Playlist, I need to crank up the volume. Love me my 80s music.

66. Going on a roadtrip on Route 66 and travel the Mother Road from Chicago to L.A. has been my lifelong dream. And I hope to be able to one day! For the time being, I will have to make do with my little Route 66 library that’s on my bookshelf. As well as collecting postcards and other Route 66 items.

67. Ever since I was a little child, I have loved flags. One of my favorite things to do was watching the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games and identifying the flags. I had a book about flags and there was a list in it which you could tick off when you spotted a flag. The rarer, the better. I remember that I would always smile widely when I had seen a, to me, new flag.

68. My favorite flag has always been the Kiribati one. I can’t even say why, I just love that flag and have done since childhood. It’s beautiful. Another flag that is really pretty is the Tibetan one, and I have a small Tibet flag in my room.

69. Although I neither speak Russian or French, I have a thing for their national anthems. And the by now obsolete GDR one.

70. I know the NATO alphabet. I learned it when I was a kid due to my interest in aviation and seafaring, didn’t use it for ages, but still know it.

71. Another thing I love to occupy myself with is learning the IATA codes of airports world wide.

72. Same for airline codes, the respective tailfins to identify the airline and what planes they use in their fleet.

73. Window seat. At the wing.

74. I am not much of an art fan, but I love the colorful abstract works of Joan Miró.

75. I made use of that in a class at uni about “Creative Writing” – we had to describe a piece of art, it could be anything: poem, song lyrics, painting … I chose one of Miró’s works. To add some fun: I wrote from the painting’s point of view as opposed to a spectator’s. According to the teacher, this had never been done before in her class.

76. My favorite painting ever is van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. I love everything about it.

77. I used to be super into astronomy, and still can identify some constellations. To this day, my favorite planet is Saturn. What’s not to love about the rings?

78. I am non-binary. I don’t identify 100% male or female.

79. Aside from being pretty much asexual, I am also sapiosexual. I am attracted to intelligence, deep conversations, how other people’s brains work, all that. Nothing puts me off more than shallowness.

80. Once my soul catches fire, it burns bright.