…is a quote from the song “Of Glory” and also what is written on the back of one of my BURY TOMORROW t-shirts.

In other words, the long anticipated concert on Tuesday evening and being reunited with the Homies made me smile. And happy. Even if I had some difficulties during the concert, but that’s another story for another time.

As per usual, I was super early at the venue, because I need my front row spot to have a glorious view on my main man, Jason, mmmmkay? 😉 And I also had some gifts with me which I wanted to give to Adam and Jason, preferably before the show. Yeah, I know – you’re probably all like, “Why the fuck would a grown ass woman give some band members gifts?” The answer is …  BECAUSE! 

First of all, I live for making other people happy, aka random acts of kindness. Secondly, it’s not “just a band” to me, it’s BAND!. Lastly, they’ve helped me so much in my constant battle against those demons in my head, they keep me sane and I am just eternally grateful for that. So why SHOULDN’T I give them prezzies??

I tweeted that I was waiting for them outside to hand over the prezzies, and sure enough, Adam got back to me, asking where I was, so I explained to him and not much later, he came out. Usually, I give him his Nom Noms (Ferrero Rocher), but this time, I had something else for him and his girlfriend, Nicole. They own a pug named Archie and when I saw those little greeting cards and all with a pug on them the other day, I knew what I had to do. Adam greeted me with a hug and a “good to see you” and we chatted for a bit, after I had given him the little bag with the gift in it. He smiled widely and was super happy, and said he’d text Nicole a pic of it. She, too, was also happy. 🙂

It doesn’t cost much to put a smile on someone else’s face!

I was also hoping to be able to give Jason his gifts, but the lad didn’t show up before the gig, so that had to wait until afterwards.

The concert itself was easily the sweatiest concert I have EVER been to, hands down. But it was also once again a total banger, as the lads smashed it. Plus, even if it was a bit crazy this time, my front row spot did pay off in the end because I haz souvenirs, and this time, it’s the Trifecta:


First of all, Jason’s guitar pick. He totally made sure once again that I got one. 😀


Drumstick from Adam himself, also handed to me personally. He had thrown the first one into the crowd, for this one I made myself heard, so he gave it to me.


And a setlist which someone gave me. It’s signed by everyone except Kristan, as I didn’t see him after the show.

Not gonna lie, it felt SO GOOD to hang with them again afterwards, to talk to and hug them, like old friends meeting again after some years. I also turned into some kind of MVP, as I had a pen with me which literally everyone of the guys and other fans kept borrowing so that stuff could be signed …

… or my face painted. Like, Dav had just signed someone else’s setlist when he turned his attention to me and painted three little dots in my face. He looked at me, totally proud of his work, and said, “Now you’re REALLY gangster!” DAV! PLEASE! *dies laughing*

As the minutes ticked by, I became a bit worried as Jason just didn’t show up, and the security guy had already asked us to not stay around too much longer as closing time was approaching. Now what? How about asking their Merch Guy, Jimmy? Said and done: “Where is Jason? I got some goodies for him which I’d like to give him …”
Jimmy was super cool and nice about it, said, “I’ll text him.”
So he did, but also said he couldn’t make any promises. He checked his phone every other moment, and then … “He’s on his way!”

A couple of seconds later, Jason rolled in in his entire glory and came straight to me and that’s when the first hug happened and things got amazing. Since I had asked him a while ago what he likes so that I could get him a nice prezzie and he knows which footie team I support, I gave him a little Hertha BSC starter package: a black-grey cap (the guy loves wearing caps) with white BERLIN embroidery, a sticker with a 3D effect and two pins (one of the Olympiastadion, one the Hertha flag) as well as a letter I had quickly written him on Tuesday.

I swear, when I presented him the cap, he turned into a human, real life, literal 😍 . He was so HAPPY! “I love wearing hats!” We chatted a bit about footie, hugged multiple times, and he also gave me a bit of a pep talk when I mentioned my anxiety problems and how much depression and anxiety broke me last year, all the way to panic attacks and extreme fatigue. He was so sweet then, said, “You’re so strong!” , followed by the pep talk. Which I am absolutely grateful for!

As I have previously mentioned in an earlier entry – Jason and everyone else in Bury Tomorrow make me feel comfortable in my own skin, and they teach me time and again that I AM OKAY the way I am.

When I showed Jason the pin of the Olympiastadion, he asked if it was that stadium, which I confirmed, and then he’s like, “It’s a beautiful one!” It sure is! He also encouraged me to go to games again, which might happen, once I have fully recovered again and find the spark that’s gone missing again back. This guy is such a sweetheart and always so nice to me, really. (They all are, actually, but Jason is to be “blamed” for this whole mess because he decided to greet me with “Hey Sweetie! Come here, let’s hug!” when I saw them for the first time back in 2014. So there. And yes, that story is worthy of repetition because it still makes me smile A LOT.)

I am already looking forward to seeing the lads again this year – word on the street is that they’ll be back here in November, and that makes me all giddy and excited.

Meanwhile, as I finish typing this, they’re stuck in France. They were supposed to travel by bus to Stuttgart today, but their bus had other plans and broke down.

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