Beach Life is the Best Life

One could also say, spontaneous trips are the best trips.

I didn’t want to wait anymore until my actual birthday trip to Warnemünde, so I bought a train ticket and went on a day trip. Just sitting in the sand, listening to the waves, and looking out on the Baltic Sea – yeah, why not? It’s another kind of therapy, and that cannot be a bad thing, right? Plus, it’s so freakin’ soothing!

And yes, I brought pics. As well as two videos.


Yep, the water IS that clear!


Click on the pics and you’ll be taken to my flickr for the videos



More clear water


Had to get my feet in ALLLLLLL the time!


The beach there is ridiculous. First of all, the sand. It’s super soft.


And it seems to be going on almost forever.

Meanwhile, I can’t get enough of the water … I am an ocean-soul, after all!



I’mma stay right here, okay?



I just can’t get enough of this view! (Can anyone blame me??)


Got a bit of a wet backside photographing those small waves



But hey, I caught someone trying to surf!


Unfortunately, my actual beach time was cut short, as dark clouds appeared and then we had torrential rain for some two hours. BOO. However, before it started to rain, I wandered about in Warnemünde to explore the place a bit, and OMG, that little town is a gem in itself, y’all!

When the rain was done, I still had a bit over an hour to kill until my train for Berlin left, I went for another short walk.

Little canal in Warnemünde


Ran into this fella and I dunno about you, but I LOVE how adorably pissed off seagulls look at times


Two of the three lighthouses


One last look at this magnificient beach


So yeah. Despite my beach time being cut short, I still had a nice day there. Also, some 3+hrs of beach time are still  better than no beach at all, right? That being said, I am happy to have this opportunity of a little time out from the daily hassle of the Big City (don’t get me wrong, I love Berlin and everything the city has to offer, but sometimes, your soul just needs a time out), and a 3hrs train trip (one way) from here to the coast is absolutely do-able. Yeah, it’s a long day, but it’s worth it.

Is it August, yet?


pics/videos: mine.


2 thoughts on “Beach Life is the Best Life”

  1. Beautiful photos!!! I was in Warnemünde once when I was a kid. Don´t remember much obviously but I liked that place.


    1. Glad you liked the photos! Warnemünde is absolutely adorable, love the place and can’t wait to spend more time there. 🙂


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