Into The Void

Here’s something I wrote earlier this year. I hadn’t come up with anything free verse whatsoever in AGES, so I was kinda excited when that pen hit the paper and the words came flowing out.


Reality stares back at me
As I scream into the void
Madness consumes my will
Blurring the lines of dreams
And nightmares coming alive
Echoes of voices lost
In the depths of nothing

An all-consuming darkness
So bittersweet in its voice
As I still scream into the void
Anger building up inside my veins
The beast within wants out
As I walk along the edge
Of a reality so cruel

Will I ever find a place to rest?
Some peace of mind?
As the anger grows
And eats me alive
Until I finally let go
And descend into the void

Reality stares back at you.

– Kiwi, 2020 –

Let me know what you think! I appreciate all the feedback. Mind, I am kinda out of practice, haven’t been able to finish anything of that kind, let alone have I been able to write free verse again. One of my previous ones dates back to 2001, and I think that was also around the time when something snapped and I couldn’t put my thoughts down into poetry whatsoever. So IF this shitty year HAS had something good – I seem to be able to write this kinda stuff again.

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