If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad …

Sheryl Crow reference in the title of course entirely intentional.

Now that we got that out of the way, let’s tackle today’s post, shall we?

When I was in the clinic last year, at some point someone mentioned, towards the end of a group therapy session, that they wondered what makes someone happy. Because let’s face it, when you’re dealing with depression, anxiety etc., you easily lose sight of things that once brought you joy. Because your world is dark and grim and just meh.

It got me thinking, and, after the lightbulb appeared above my head, aka feeling inspired, I waltzed to the little kiosk and bought a notepad to jot down stuff. As I was doing so, I came up with a list of things, a whole damn A4 sized page, actually. Sadly, that list has since been ruined thanks to an inconsiderate person, but why not kind of reviving it? Albeit in a different form?

Said and done. Well, mentally, that is.

Of course, everyone has other things that make them happy, so this list is by no means complete, just a collection of stuff Yours Truly enjoys. And while I could mention “typical” things like a good grade, a nice job whatsoever, I tend to believe that there are other things which, at first glance, might not be all too obvious. But I also firmly believe that at some point you realize that even those small, seemingly unimportant things are, at the end of the day, the big things. The Things That Matter.

Without much further ado …


  • my godson and spending time with the little man
  • sitting at the beach for hours on end and watching the world go by
  • walking barefeet in the sand
  • sinking into a bubble bath and relaxing
  • quality time with friends and / or family
  • being the reason someone else smiled (aka Random Acts Of Kindness, which I LIVE for)
  • getting lost in a very good book
  • being creative in one way or another
  • new music my favorite band/s releases
  • listening to my favorite music all day long
  • concerts
  • compliments (although I have the hardest time EVER to accept them)
  • the smell of the air after a lush summer rain
  • finding a new book or magazine about something I love or am interested in (e.g. Route 66 or New Zealand)
  • completing a task I’ve been putting off for a while
  • snuggling in my favorite clothes (hoodies, for example)
  • winter when it’s snowing and cold
  • sipping my favorite tea
  • star gazing / nightsky
  • rainbows
  • a tasty meal
  • hearing my favorite song on the radio
  • (someone) cracking a joke and laughing until my sides hurt
  • encouragement from others to go on
  • dogs (especially Border Terriers)
  • receiving lovely mail (e.g. postcards via Postcrossing)
  • being able to share something of importance with someone who cares
  • giving someone else a helping hand
  • the feeling of being understood
  • watching bumblebees, honey bees and butterflies being busy in my garden
  • sunsets (at the beach)
  • the song of a nightingale I get to hear in springtime
  • the sound of rain when I am about to go to sleep – it’s soothing
  • scented candles (preferably vanilla)
  • sunflowers
  • anything that’s BEAR

I am sure there is more which I cannot remember right now. But rest assured, I typed this list with a little smile on my face.

What about you? What makes you smile and happy?

Here, have a heart-shaped cloud to finish this off.

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